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19 Sep 2014

The cost of advice tracker

This week we're looking for your feedback on the cost of advice. We have a short survey we'd really like you to complete. To say thank you for your help each completed survey will be entered into a draw to win one of three £50 Amazon vouchers! Take part in the survey here.

Investments for the over 40s

As a follow up to the best age to take risks and reap rewards article, which focused on investments for the young, Frances Kemp completes her series by looking at what consumers may need if they were to invest later in life. You can read part two here.

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Independent Scotland

This week the decision for an independent Scotland was in the hands of the Scottish public. Debates from politicians and the media, focused on economic, legal and social needs as they assessed major impacts on both the UK and Scotland. What does this mean now we're staying together as the UK?

Well, RBS have agreed not to down tools and move south, David Cameron will be honouring his agreement of 'extra powers' for the Scottish government and the strength of the pound increased dramatically after the announcement. So for now, it would seem business continues as normal and we reap the rewards of our investments, with a (temporarily) stronger currency. What appears to be a bad day for Alex Salmond, is a great day for investors!

Press mentions

This week we wrote 'How to choose a financial adviser' for the Morningstar's Perspectives series, which focuses on financial education. We complied easy questions and helpful tips needed when trying to find the right adviser. You can read the full feature here


Congratulations to this week's #AdviseroftheWeek, Chris Daems, for making it top 10 in the top 100 pensions social media account list. Well done Chris!

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LinkedIn discussion:

Prudential: Group advice sessions could be 'hugely beneficial'

Would you offer group advice sessions? New research from Prudential reveals over half of advisers believe group sessions of up to 10 clients could be beneficial for those in need of face-to-face retirement advice. Do you agree this will make advice more accessible or would it be unworkable in practice? Have your say here.

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