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This week we launched our Value of Advice Campaign

03 Oct 2014

Value of Advice - better in retirement

For the third year running, we are proud to launch the Value of Advice campaign. This year, we have partnered with AXA Life Invest to raise awareness of the value of advice when saving for retirement. Our research found consumers save almost £100 more a month after seeking financial advice. We also found by increasing their savings, consumers who seek professional advice stand to gain on average £3,654 a year more in retirement income. The value of advice research continues to find the earlier people seek financial advice the more prepared they feel for retirement. To read the full story visit the Value of Advice page.

Value of Advice has already seen coverage in Mail Online, FT Adviser, Professional Adviser and Money Observer.

Round Table Roundup

As part of the Value of Advice campaign, AXA Life Invest hosted a roundtable chaired by chief executive of, Karen Barrett. With several industry professionals, financial advisers and journalists in attendance the discussion around value of advice could not have been more timely with the pension reform and the guidance guarantee announcements this year.

Join us in the discussion on LinkedIn and show your support for the Value of Advice campaign on Twitter by tweeting your top financial planning tips using #valueofadvice.

The Government's reforms on pension tax rules

This week we issued a comment, welcoming the new pension tax reforms. The new reforms are being hailed as the start of the 'pensions revolution'. With retirement planning as the number one advice driver on, and our research showing 25 per cent of consumers admit to feeling anxious about planning for their retirement, we continue to see a strong demand for pension advice.

Do you give pension advice? Is this one of your top advice areas? If so, make sure your profile reflects this in your company description, 20 word sales pitch and specialisms. Log in to your profile today or chat with us for other profile tips! 


Congratulations to this week's #AdviseroftheWeek @PeteMatthew, for his podcast "Ten Years Out - The Run-In to Retirement".
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LinkedIn discussion: How can we encourage everyone to start saving for retirement?

Our recent research shows 45 per cent of over 40s haven't yet started saving for retirement. What most concerns your clients when they are planning for their retirement? Is there a common trend among late savers? - Join in our discussion here.

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