Retirement: Choices or conundrums?

13 Nov 2015

Everyone's asking about pension transfer!  

Pension search queries on are up a massive 64% from April to September, compared to the same period last year! The spike comes - you guessed it - as a direct result of pension freedom. But what exactly are people interested in? Taking a look at the top pension enquiries over the past six weeks, you may spot a pattern, but not the word 'annuity'. People are intrigued by their new options - are you ready to guide them?

  1. Pension transfer
  2. Retirement planning
  3. Defined benefit
  4. Lump sum
  5. Drawdown 

Be where the action is 

The demand for pension advice is only going to increase, so why not make the most of it? Potential clients will be searching on more than anywhere else, so make sure you can be found! Increase your exposure by upgrading to the new PLUS or Lite plan. These don't just make you much more visible in searches - they also give you the exclusive feature of being able to choose which enquiries to accept and reject.

Bridging the pension advice gap

It's a daunting world out there for those now facing up to their pension freedom. Qualified financial advice has never been so important, as people struggle with crucial retirement decision made even more confusing by the reforms - but many lack the confidence even to seek it. Billy Burrows sets out to encourage these individuals with his new guide to pension freedom: 'You and your pension pot when you retire'. It's a great introduction to share with your own potential clients.

Investment strategies for retirement - what are your top tips?

Many over-55s who now have access to their pension may be tempted to look into active investing, above and beyond flexible drawdown. What warnings and tips would you offer to anyone tempted by this route?

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