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11 Jul 2012

A question of trust

Recently the team were happy to go and support the launch of the Question of Trust campaign.  The IFP and Fiscal Engineers' campaign is looking to refocus the financial service industry on growing the trust of consumers.  With what seems like year after year of financial crisis in consumers' eyes, trust levels in the industry are declining.  This campaign demands that financial services companies and bodies look at how they operate and try to address consumer confidence.

But it's not all doom and gloom: we were pleased to see of all sectors in the financial services industry, advisers and brokers are the most trusted by consumers with a 60% trust rating!

The Question of Trust campaign is timely, pressing for industry action and it works hand in hand with the Life Value of Advice consumer campaign launching on Monday 16 July demonstrating the value of seeking financial advice.  We will be issuing our research report and a headline grabbing press release looking at how those who are advised compare to those who are not advised - it's interesting reading and we'll be keeping you up to date via email from next week on, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

Going mobile

It's been a troubling fortnight in the financial sector - with bank inquiries, the CEO of Barclays Bob Diamond's resignation and Honister Capital going into administration, the industry is searching for solutions.  In an age of smart phones, wi-fi and Twitter, there is no better place to keep up to date with all the latest news than on your phone.  And if you are using your mobile to look for news and research, it certainly means consumers are doing the same thing.  So the important question must be: is your website accessible on a mobile?  If not, we may have a solution - has partnered with WSI-eMarketing to offer Mobile Marketing Services to IFAs.  WSI-eMarketing can take your website and turn it to a mobile friendly one.  To read more click here.

This adds to the suite of online marketing services through which also includes two other offers from WSI - Social media management and Reputation management which will keep your website fresh by managing and updating your social media and customer reviews.  Website build from [codepotato] will help you create your own bespoke website which looks great and has the marketing power you need to attract the right clientele.  Finally, eNewsletters from ClientsFirst who provide an email marketing tool, giving you the ability to easily create and distribute your own newsletter.

Visit our Online marketing hub to find out more

Structured products

A recent consumer poll asked "Do you have the confidence to look after your investment portfolio?"  The results showed 43% of consumers on our site do not have confidence in looking after their investment portfolio.  With complicated products, consumers want to get the best advice.  Are you ready to give advice on structured products? The Financial Times is offering a free seminar on structures products on 18 July. Please email [email protected] to attend or get more information.


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