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21 Jul 2014

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If you upgrade your subscription to our enhanced advertising package you can not only appear more times in the search listings, but you can also write for us and raise your profile in the media. All advisers with an enhanced advertising package have the opportunity to write articles for our consumer site and share expert opinions with potential future clients.

By upgrading, you can join our Bluebook - the list of 'media ready' advisers the industry's consumer and trade journalists rely on for comment and case studies. Writing articles for us and appearing in the Bluebook will raise your profile not only in the media but with potential clients.

You can sign up to an enhanced advertising package here and then register to be added to the Bluebook.

How far would you go to get a return on your investments?

Brazil will go pretty far. They've taken to advertising their World Cup stadiums on Craigslist (the American equivalent of Gumtree). Not sure that was the best way to make money from their investments. Read how Jaskarn Pawar explains why people need you to help them make the best decisions. 




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Are your clients feeling the squeeze?

We're interested to know your thoughts on financial planning for the sandwich generation. The sandwich generation are people aged 45 to 60 who have to consider their own needs as well as both their children and parents' needs. They are squeezed financially into balancing planning their own retirement, as well as looking after their children and parents now and in the future.
There are about 2.4 million of them in the UK, and we'd appreciate if you'd share your thoughts and experience in helping them.

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time.




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