Taking risks and reaping the rewards

Find out how giving financial advice to the young can lead to great investment choices

12 Sep 2014

The best age to take risks and reap rewards

Are investment priorities in your 20s the same when you're in your 40s?  Of course not. Frances Kemp, Financial Adviser at Nurture Planning, shares her opinion on what investment means to the 20 something's.  She takes us through 'setting clear goals' and banishing 'common myths'.  Read the full feature here.

Scottish independence vote

Absolutely everyone has been talking about the independence vote and wondering whether or not Scotland will remain part of the UK.  However, with this has also come a lot of contingency planning and preparations 'just in case'.

We have heard from the government, local councils and even celebrities but we wanted to hear about what you've all been saying.  So, here are a few of the articles we've come across where you have been sharing your opinions, wisdom and helpful advice.

Tom McPhail, Hargreaves, spoke to the Express about 'Savers scramble for answers as Scotland moves towards the exit.'

David Hollingworth, London and Country Mortgages, talks with the FT how the 'Yes vote will see the Scots' mortgage rates soar, brokers warn'.

Write a Will Week

This week we are continuing with our Write and Register a Will campaign, with the help of Certainity.co.uk - the national will register. We've seen some fantastic coverage in the media helping to spread our message, with The Sunday Times, The Express and The Independent all featuring the worrying finding that nearly 30 million adults in the UK do not have a will.

The great news for your clients this week is they can still register their will for free online, so remember spread the word! 


Congratulations to this week's #AdviseroftheWeek, Daniel Bailey for 'What does it mean for your money?' To read the full article click here

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LinkedIn discussion:

This week we're all talking about the Scottish independence vote.  What are your thoughts?

"What plans have you put in place for your clients as a contingency plan for the Scottish independent result?

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