The hunt for advice

The advice rush has begun, but will you be in on it?

02 Apr 2015

Always winners in the hunt for advice

Easter is a time for new beginnings - and there's nothing newer than pension freedom. Aptly enough it's just about to hatch, giving millions of savers greater access to their nest eggs than ever before. Will drawdown become the new norm? Will holders of annuities trade them in? This is uncharted territory and all anyone knows is that advice will be in high demand.

Several media outlets and pension providers have signposted us as the go-to site for finding independent advice (you can see two examples here and here), as has government site Pension Wise. Both our adviser search and our special offer promotions have received widespread publicity, in the build-up to pension freedom day. What questions should people be asking their advisers right now? Share your thoughts in our discussion. 

The rush has already begun

Last week more people used our adviser search than ever before. Since the announcement of the pension reforms, traffic to our site has increased by more than 20 per cent - an upward trend that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Advisers should see a rise in leads as a result, especially those who stand out with highly visible, well-presented profiles and special offers.

Speaking of special offers, we've had our free offer badges gaining mentions throughout the pension freedom hub on This is Money here and here. It all adds to our gathering momentum as we promote the value of advice at this time of greatest opportunity. Be right where the action is by displaying one or more special offer badges. Get yours now.

The investment with the highest rate of return

When we talk about the value of advice, we don't just mean in monetary terms. Another great way to sell the benefits of advice to potential clients is in terms of how much time and effort they can save by coming to you. We believe this article sums it up pretty well.

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Study finds advisers underestimate investment costs

In March, Defaqto published their latest research …''The Cost and Value of Adviser Investment Solutions''.

The report, sponsored by Santander Asset Management, seeks to look under the bonnet of typical investment solutions used by advisers, and attempts to analyse the costs, quality and value of each. The research also looks at advisers' knowledge of the different costs involved in the investment process to establish whether all costs and charges are fully understood.

The research finds that there is a wide variety of quality on offer with solutions used by advisers, some offering much greater transparency, investor value and robust investment controls than others. At the same time the report highlights that many advisers do not fully understand all of the costs involved within each investment solution, and suggests that total costs to the investor are significantly underestimated.

View the full report here.

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