UK set to gift £4.6 billion to the tax man

11 Mar 2013

Take Tax Action!

Our annual, industry renowned Tax Action campaign is here!  Today marks the launch of's 21st Tax Action campaign, supported by TaxCalc for 2013.  This year we found the total amount of consumer tax waste adds up to an astonishing £4.6 billion across four key areas in the UK. Year after year our research shows billions of pounds of tax relief going to waste, proving just how vital it is to spread the Tax Action message to consumers.  To see more findings from this year's research and to keep up to date with all the campaign action, visit our Tax Action page

Lots of you have got in touch to ask how you can get involved with the campaign and educate consumers in your local community about the importance of taking action, so here are a few ideas;

  • Write a piece for your local newspaper (you can use our press release for inspiration)
  • Discuss the findings from our research with your clients; show them how much they are wasting and what they can do about it, use our helpful tax calculator as a guide
  • Share the research stats and your opinion on Twitter using #TaxAction
  • Keep up with our 'Tax Action Tips' bloggers and give your suggestions on the issues discussed on our Facebook page
  • Share your own 'Tax Action Tips' in our LinkedIn group and on Twitter
  • Use our infographic on your website and share with your clients

So, get writing, hit the social media platforms, provide your top tips and encourage consumers to take Tax Action!



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