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18 Oct 2013

Champagne for the weekend?

Today we are offering you the chance to win a bottle of champagne courtesy of and's Write and Register a Will Week competition.  We want you to tell us what the most interesting thing someone could leave you in their will.  Submit your answers to us by tweeting @Unbiased_co_uk and @CertaintyUK with the hashtag #willweek by 11:59pm tonight and you'll be in with a chance of winning.*  Good luck!

Google's Knowledge Graph

On Wednesday went and met Google to hear about its new project, the Knowledge Graph,  so we thought we would share what we learnt with your kind selves...

What is the Knowledge Graph?  It's an upgraded way search results appear with company and generic searches.  If you search "Winston Churchill" on Google, the right-hand side of the page will show a mini-profile.  This new format will be introduced into all search results in the coming months, you should be prepared.

Why is this important?  Google collects information from sites such as your profile, Wikipedia, Google Plus, Google Places and Google Reviews to provide a snapshot of information on the search results page.  Which leads us on to...

How to take advantage?  There are a vast range of free online resources, which enable you to create a profile for your business.  This will not only increase your brand's reach but once the new search results appear for consumers searching your company, Google will use these profiles to collate information on your company.  This means it's really important to spend the next few weeks either updating or creating new profiles for your businesses.  The most important factor is to ensure you have consistent messaging and branding across all platforms so Google is confident displaying this content about your business.  Use these outlets and your profile to increase your brand's visibility.

For more information on Google's new project, visit the Knowledge Graph.


The team

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P.S. The Panacea Adviser website has been refreshed.  A mortgage microsite has been launched, as well as the Panacea Coffee Shop, where you can get all the information you need and discuss the latest topics with other advisers in its forum.

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