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28 Aug 2015

Featured topic: Value of advice: The highlights

We've officially wrapped up our widely acclaimed Value of Advice campaign in partnership with MetLife. This highlighted the UK's continuing advice gap and helped to raise awareness of the benefits of advice. Here are just a few ways we spread the word:

  • Mentions in 26 different news pieces
  • Social media activity reaching over 100K consumers.

A big part of our success is down to our fantastic advisers who helped us push the campaign in a number of different ways, such as getting involved in our hugely successful MoneyFit Week that included live Q&A sessions.Would you like to be a part of our great PR initiatives?

Upgrade to our enhanced package to access exclusive profile features and be eligible to sign up to our Bluebook. This media network connects advisers with journalists looking for comments and case studies for local and national press.

Discussion time

We're seeing a growing trend of team-ups between financial advisers and accountants, which some say provides a more robust, 360-degree financial service. Do you agree? Have you done this yourself? Share your view in our already buzzing discussion here.


Where are people looking for financial advisers?

At unbiased.co.uk of course! This week we were named the go-to website for financial advice by This is Money, which in a recent Q&A cited unbiased.co.uk as the first-choice online portal for consumers seeking advice. You can read the full article here.

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