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28 Nov 2014


We've made some changes to the way your profile looks - we hope you like it.  Now your special offers show on the result pages and individual adviser details are more prominent on your firm's profile, so make sure to upload your best photo!

Why not take a look and log in now to add your best offers and photos!

Advice Moments - best bits

In support of financial planning week we've been sharing our advice moments best bits to demonstrate to consumers why they should plan ahead.  Since revealing the nation's top advice moments, we've seen some great press coverage in the The Herald - as well as avid campaigning on our social pages.  Have you seen our top advice moments yet?  You can share the link with clients or give financial planning tips in our LinkedIn discussion here.  

Advising (not) for dummies

Even seasoned experts can enjoy a simple refresher guide now and then, and for beginners they're a must.  With over 30 years' experience in the financial services, Tony Catt of Anthony Catt Ltd presents his top basic tips on advising.  Read it here.

Consumer understanding

This week we've been thinking more about how well consumers understand financial matters.  In a recent poll we found that they feel most confident making decisions about savings, while pensions is seen as one of the trickiest areas.  As part of our Advice Moments campaign, we found some consumers may be neglecting to seek advice on key life decisions, in the belief that they understand more than they really do.  Read more here

Have you checked your statistics this month?

As we reach the end of November, now would be a great time to log in and see how well your profile has performed.  You can find out the number of times you've appeared in consumer searches, along with profile views and call back requests, all in one place. 

NEST Connect gives us the control we need

NEST Connect is NEST's new online hub for advisers, accountants, payroll providers and pensions administrators offering automatic enrolment services to their clients.  

One pensions administrator using NEST Connect is Janet Bower from Rowanmoor Group plc.  She found NEST suited the needs of many of her clients.  'NEST is clean, easy to use, friendly and concise with no off-putting jargon'.  

NEST Connect has made it easy for Janet to help her clients put a NEST scheme in place.  'The single log-in functionality allows us to run a buddy system at work.  If somebody is sick, their colleague can step in and still access all of the relevant information.  Likewise, the 'super user' function gives us more control'.  

NEST Connect is your gateway to a range of new services for your clients.  It's designed for automatic enrolment and it's ready for you to use today.

Find out how you can become a NEST Connector.


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