What's the best way to calculate a client's attitude to risk?

How to… better understand your clients' attitudes to risk, 4 musts for your profile, calling all budding writers!

13 Jun 2014

How to… better understand your clients' attitudes to risk 

Recently the FCA has been keen to reach a better understanding of how advisers can calculate a person's attitude to risk.  How can we best achieve this?  Are risk questionnaires really working?  Are advisers 'damned if they do and damned if they do not'?  Tony Catt delves deeper. 

4 musts for your profile 

Is your unbiased.co.uk profile being neglected?  Find out how best to give it some TLC and make it more attractive to consumers with these four essentials.  It'll ensure your business' unbiased.co.uk profile is looking tiptop.  Read the full article. 

Calling all budding writers! 

As part of your enhanced adverting package, you're eligible to write blogs and articles for unbiased.co.uk. With thousands of visitors coming to the website every month, this is a great way to showcase your know-how and encourage them to turn to you for advice - every article we publish is profiled on the homepage and links back to your company's profile.  Get in touch to find out more.    

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