Who will be the next pensions minister?

08 May 2015

General election roundup

The results are in! After months of campaigning for a parliamentary majority the Conservatives have emerged as the winners of a race not nearly as close as we all expected. 

What we do know is that many voters were influenced strongly by tax policies. In our survey, 35 per cent of consumers said tax would play a big part in their final decision - yet our TaxAction research found that nearly £2.9 billion was wasted last year as a result of poor tax planning. It seems some people don't realise how much control they themselves have over the amount of tax they are exposed to - our mini tax guide is a quick way to show your clients what they could be missing.  What tax tips should savers consider?

The UK's new craving for advice

seems advice is no longer seen as a 'nice to have'. With pension freedom putting advice firmly in the spotlight, more people are waking up to the need to consult an expert about their choices. Doing nothing is increasingly not an option, as pension savers discover that the onus is now very much on them. This issue is addressed in the new FT Adviser article 'Planning is becoming a necessity'. The feature quotes Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk, and other industry experts who discuss this sea change in the financial services industry.

You can't take them with you

It could so easily happen and the impact can be so severe: what do you do if a major shareholder in your business dies? What happens to their stake? When the risks can be as severe as losing control of your own business, it's vital to have protection in place, in the form of shareholder protection insurance. Damian Youell of NeedingAdvice.co.uk explains how it works and why it's vital to have, no matter what the size of your enterprise.


Imagine the ultimate retirement income strategy for your clients

It's all about the numbers

When planning for your clients' retirement income needs, you'll want to ensure you can provide their income as tax-efficiently as possible.

By using the right mix of tax wrappers, you can take advantage of all the tax reliefs and exemptions available and make a big difference to how much tax they will pay on their income.

£100k income at 2% tax? 

Watch Head of Technical Consultancy, Andy Zanelli, explain in under 2 minutes how you can reduce your clients' tax bill by blending common tax wrappers. 





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