Why promoting advice is crucial

Investment risk and retirement planning survey. Jason Witcombe and promoting the value of advice. Are you using all your profile benefits?

09 May 2014

Your opinion matters

We're currently running a survey looking at attitudes to investment risk and retirement planning, and need your input.  Please take just a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you to everyone who's been taking part in our surveys. We really appreciate your feedback and this vital work doesn't go unnoticed.  We use your feedback to promote our ongoing campaign of the value of advice in the press.

Why promoting the value of advice is crucial

unbiased.co.uk Investment Adviser of the Year, Jason Witcombe, explains why his job as an adviser is more about relationships than anything else, how he finds cash-flow modelling helps with clients, and why promoting the value of advice is so important.  Read the full article.

Are you making the most of your benefits?

In our recent survey, we found that 40 per cent of you told us you only update your profile every quarter*!  Updating your profile more regularly can ensure you represent your business faithfully and helps to attract the business and prospective clients you are looking for.

Refreshing your profile with your most up-to-date information has other added bonuses.  Search engines prefer up-to-date information and will favour your unbiased.co.uk profile in organic search results, ranking your profile higher than those who leave their profiles to gather dust.  Update your profile now.

And while you're updating your profile, why not take a look at all the benefits you're entitled to as an enhanced advertising package subscriber? We regularly add extra features to your enhanced advertising package subscription, such as writing articles for the website and joining the unbiased.co.uk Bluebook. Make sure you're using all your enhanced advertising package features.


The unbiased.co.uk team

*Survey of 313 unbiased.co.uk advisers 11-25 April 2014

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