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The products consumers love to hate

15 May 2015

The products consumers love to hate

Act in haste, repent at leisure. We're not talking about beer goggles but financial goggles - apparently 34 per cent of over-30s have committed to financial products only to regret them later on.

One reason could be that they weren't taking advice about the right areas. Read more here.

Is your client asking to cash out their pension?

Fiona Tait of Royal London tackles a major bugbear of pension freedom - emergency tax. Fiona gives a heads up on when the tax could apply to your client, and also recommends the most efficient ways to claim it back.   

Help your clients to be emergency tax aware! 

Share your wisdom

We've received amazing financial tips that can work in any financial climate - or under any government! This weeks favourite came from Steve Carlson, financial adviser of True Potential

We'll be sharing your best tips our social media all next week! Join in with your own

Election aftermath: we do the maths!

To general amazement, the UK elected a Conservative majority to form a new government. But what could this mean for your clients money?

We give you the run-down of what's happening now, what's likely to happen, and what might.

 Aviva launch a new era for protection

The launch of Aviva Life Protection Solutions (ALPS) is Aviva's biggest ever change to protection.  At the heart is a new end to end system. Allowing multi-product applications, the new system can help meet your client's protection needs in one go.

It includes an interactive underwriting mode which is expected to provide an immediate acceptance rate of around 75%.

And with case tracking in real-time, Aviva's new system puts you in control

Tailored protection solutions

New products - like income protection on a two year limited term basis and stand alone critical illness cover - and new features - such as family income cover and increasing cover - make it easier for you to provide tailored protection solutions.

And signature-free applications for own life cases mean it's quicker and easier to give your clients the cover they need.

For more information on ALPS, visit or speak to your usual Aviva contact. 















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