Women fall behind when it comes to tax planning

How to protect what's most important to you

26 Jun 2015

Women fall behind in tax planning

We've discovered a gender split in how people approach their tax. Our TaxAction research with Prudential reveals that just one in 15 women are taking action to reduce their tax bill, compared to one in five men. Our findings have received great coverage in the Money Observer, with some excellent quotes from unbiased.co.uk advisers too.

Protecting the irreplaceable

Businesses that don't look forward to the future are destined to fail, plain and simple. It's critical for directors to have stringent crisis management strategies in place. In his new article, business protection specialist Damian Youell makes a cast-iron case for key person insurance, explaining who it can apply to and how you can use it.


Ripping up the IHT rulebook

It's going to take a while for the public to catch up with the wider implications of pension freedom. One of the biggest could be a revolution in how pensions themselves are used. No longer just a source of retirement income, they also double as a ready-made tax wrapper.

How to be a successful investor

In the first of a series of guides to investment success, Jason Butler of Bloomsbury throws down the gauntlet with his claim that three out of four approaches to investing aren't likely to get off the ground. Is he right? You be the judge.

Benefit of the week

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