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17 Jul 2015

People want 'incentives' - show 'em what you've got

A whopping 36% of people who have never sought advice admit that they would consider it - if there were more 'incentives' offered. That's the latest from our Value of Advice research with MetLife - but what kinds of incentives do you think might work? We've a few suggestions here:

  • Being able to demonstrate the cash value of the advice being given
  • Making clear the overall cost of advice in advance
  • Providing introductory information and guidance online

Your weekly round up...

Is it really the buy-to-let apocalypse?

With homes selling for £140m in the space of five hours, you wouldn't think so. But since the announcement of slashed tax relief, many landlords who pay higher rate tax may be needing advice to help them plan for this new change.  In the meantime, you might like to point them to this article of tips by Stuart Cunningham, who's not just a mortgage adviser but also a professional landlord.

The ultimate 'caring gotcha' from the grave

Here's an entertaining concept from across the pond (but he says he's deadly serious). It's a new take on the inheritance question - instead of hoarding up money to bequeath to one's family, this author advises quite a different approach. He has a cunning plan to keep his clients' families from blowing their inheritance all in one go - but would you advise it?

A new lease of life

There's a new trend in retirement - and it's not to retire at all. New research from Prudential found that as many as 1 in 5 (21 per cent) pensioners return to work or continue working once they reach the state pension age.  The top reason was to keep their minds active, while the close second was to give their retirement income a boost. So although travelling and holidays may still be the number one retirement dream from our own poll, it's clear that alternative retirement options are on the rise.

Will you update your qualifications?

According to Citywire, over 2,000 advisers have signed up for the new pension freedoms exam. Launched this April, the exam helps advisers and paraplanners to bridge the gap between their current pension qualifications and the new reforms. Shiny new qualifications could be an extra hook for attracting new clients… but would you consider taking yet another exam?

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