Karen Barrett comments on RDR proposals

Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk, the professional advice website, comments on the RDR proposals

16 Dec 2009

“The FSA’s proposal to implement an internal professional standards model needs to ensure that IFA qualifications are presented in a way that is easy to understand for consumers. We know that abbreviations and numbers mean very little to the consumer. As a result, we have worked with the FSSC to simplify the way IFA qualifications are presented on our Find an IFA search. We categorise qualifications into level A and B qualifications – where A is equivalent to an A level standard and B is equivalent to the components of a degree – and allow the consumer to select qualifications by product area. The best interests of the consumer needs to be applied across any consumer facing work the FSA is doing when increasing the standards of professionalism in the IFA industry.

“Over the last few years the IFA industry has seen a drive to professionalism on the back of increasing consumer demand. Over a third of consumers using our search are now searching for IFAs that hold incremental qualifications.

“The almost 16,000 registered individuals on our database now hold between them 15,244 QCF level 4 or above qualifications. This is the highest level of QCF 4 qualifications ever held by the IFAs on our database and clearly highlights that the IFA market is on the right track to meet the new qualifications benchmark within the timescale set.”


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