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How much interest on 100 million pounds can you earn?

Discover how much interest you can earn on £100 million, whether you should invest or save your money, and what taxes you’re liable for.


  • You can earn as much as £10 million a year in interest if you have £100 million.

  • A financial adviser can direct you to an investment or private bank that offers the best interest rate.

  • There are pros and cons to saving and investing such a large sum of money.

  • You can easily live comfortably on the interest from £100 million.

£100 million may seem like an unattainable amount of money, but the reality is that some people are able to build or inherit it within their lifetimes.

Producers, actors, business tycoons, and descendants of wealthy families are just some of the people who may well have £100 million in their bank accounts. 

Find out how much interest £100 million would earn in the UK in interest and other important information about managing this sum of money.

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How much interest can I earn on 100 million pounds?

£100 million can have a huge impact on somebody’s life, and if they play their cards right, it can be a sustainable source of income through interest alone.

You can make as much as £10 million a year from a high-interest savings account of £100 million.

However, the amount of interest on 100 million pounds per month depends on the bank you choose and the interest rate on your savings account.

The table below shows interest rates for the sum of 100 million pounds on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Interest rate 

Weekly return

Monthly return 

Yearly return 




£1 million




£2 million




£3 million




£4 million




£5 million




£6 million




£7 million

When it comes to unusually big sums like £100 million, a regular bank won’t do.

Most high street UK savings accounts have a maximum deposit guarantee limit of £85,000 as this is the maximum protection offered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

So, it’s perhaps safer to deposit your wealth into an account at an investment or private bank with additional safeguards or structures in place.

A financial adviser can guide you toward a bank that suits your needs and offers the best interest rate. 

Do you pay tax on savings interest?

Yes. You will have to pay tax on savings interest, especially for a sum as big as £100 million. 

Individual savings accounts (ISAs) are a standard option for saving money, but they come with a yearly tax-free contribution limit of £20,000.

The interest varies depending on the bank and the type of account you open. 

If you’d like to develop a more efficient strategy to keep tax on savings interest rates down, you might want to consider getting financial advice

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What is the best way to invest 100 million pounds to earn better returns? 

There is more than one way to invest £100 million.

If you decide to invest your funds into other projects or items for long-term wealth building, below are some of the most popular options.

  • Luxury personal items: When you have access to £100 million, you can afford to treat yourself. Purchasing something like a yacht, sports car, or famous artwork may seem indulgent, but by looking after them, they can become assets that add value to your estate. 

  • Property: Real estate and property are two of the most consistently invested assets for a reason. They’re stable, always in demand, and you can buy and sell them.

  • Business: If you have experience with business management or asset flipping, investing in a company with a high probability of financial success is a great way to grow your wealth.

  • Stocks: Similar to business investments, stock trading requires a fair amount of experience and skill to truly reap the rewards. However, if you’re comfortable with the risk, investing in stock can be highly rewarding. 

Is it best to invest or save £100 million?

The answer to the age-old question “Is it better to invest or save money?” is tricky. If you are ambitious and experienced, investing may be the best decision. 

If you are looking for stability and gradual growth, saving might be the right decision for you. 

Below are the pros and cons of saving.  



You can get predictable interest on your earnings. 

Interest rates can vary and can be low compared to other investments.

There’s low to no risk of losing your money.

Interest is taxable and this can be substantial.

You get easy access to your funds,

Your bank may charge fees to manage your money.  

Below are the pros and cons of investing.



Investing can result in long-term gains.

Investing can be risky and you can lose money. 

You have a higher potential for big returns.

Your gains from investing will likely be taxed.

It’s easy to buy and sell stocks and shares.

Investing can be time-intensive as it involves research. 

Can you live off the interest from 100 million pounds?

Considering that the interest potential for £100 million is between £1 and 10 million, the answer to this question is yes, absolutely.

Most people would agree that even £1 million is plenty to live off of in a year, let alone £10 million. 

Remember, depending on what you do with the money (such as making worthwhile investments), you can make higher returns that replenish the funds and allow you to continue living without the need to work for the rest of your life—and hopefully with some to spare.

Whether you invest in property or other assets, buy stocks and shares, or explore other ways to invest money, the interest you earn allows you to sustain a high standard of living/

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Inheritance planning and tax management are essential for everyone, especially wealthier households, as looking after large sums of money requires careful planning.

Obtaining expert advice from a professional financial adviser can keep your money and taxes in order, ensuring that future generations benefit fully.

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