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How much interest on 50 million pounds can you earn?

Find out how much interest you can earn off an enormous sum like £50 million, what the tax implications are and which investment strategies work best to secure your financial future. 


  • With the base rate at 5.25%, £50 million could earn you £2.62 million in interest annually.

  • Earning interest on such a large sum of money can have huge tax implications.

  • Beyond traditional savings accounts, £50 million opens doors to myriad investment possibilities.

  • You can comfortably live off the interest on £50 million.

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How much interest on 50 million pounds can I earn?

£50 million is an enormous sum of money. This financial windfall can redefine your life, offering financial security and the chance to buy luxuries you’d otherwise never have dreamt of.

The interest on 50 million pounds would enable you to live comfortably for the rest of your life without ever having to tap into your capital. 

Let’s explore just how much interest a substantial sum like £50 million can earn for you annually, as well as other ways that you might invest your money to earn better returns.  

The base interest rate in the UK is currently 5.25%. This means that your £50 million could earn £2.62 million in interest annually.

To get a more tangible grasp on exactly how much income that would provide you with, the interest on 50 million pounds would offer monthly earnings of £218,750, weekly earnings of £50,480.77, or daily earnings of £7,191,78.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply walk into a bank, deposit £50 million and expect to get 5% interest as most UK banks that offer savings accounts have a deposit limit and an interest rate limit cap.

It’s also important to bear in mind that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) only offers protection for up to £85,000 on an individually owned account.

Challenger banks may have shaken up the banking industry with higher rates, but you would have to investigate other avenues, such as private or investment banks if you wanted to earn interest off £50 million.  

The below table illustrates your potential weekly, monthly and annual interest earnings on £50 million, based on various interest rates.

Interest rate

Weekly earnings

Monthly earnings

Annual earnings








£1 million




£1.5 million




£2 million




£2.5 million




£3.5 million




£5 million

Bear in mind that these figures represent interest earnings before tax rather than after tax.

Do you pay tax on savings interest?

When you're dealing with significant sums like £50 million, the taxman will come knocking. 

Tax on savings interest is income, and like most other forms of income, it attracts a tax liability.

Unfortunately, individual savings accounts (ISAs), with their yearly tax-free contribution limit of £20,000, do not offer much relief from the potential tax burden on your interest income at this level. 

Earning interest on such a large sum of money can have huge tax implications, so it's always a good idea to consult a financial adviser for personalised advice on managing such a large sum of money.

What is the best way to invest 50 million pounds to earn better returns? 

Let's shift our focus to broader investment horizons with potentially better returns.

Beyond traditional savings accounts, what you can do with £50 million is almost limitless. 

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Luxury investments like a yacht, fine art, or jewellery not only bring joy but can rise significantly in value, acting as both investments and lifestyle enhancements.

  • Investing in real estate is a time-tested option for wealth preservation and growth. Residential or commercial properties can provide consistently high returns over the long term.

  • Explore entrepreneurial opportunities such as investing in or starting a business. This can yield significant returns, albeit with a higher level of risk. 

  • Invest in carefully researched individual stocks with high growth potential or dividend-paying stocks for income and potential capital appreciation.

  • Consider investing in financial instruments such as structured products like derivatives or high-yield bonds like corporate or emerging market bonds.

Bear in mind that higher returns often come with higher risks.

It's crucial to consider your risk tolerance and diversify your investments to strike a harmonious blend of steady, low-risk returns and ventures with the potential for greater rewards.


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Is it best to invest or save £50 million?

As with most financial choices, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with whether it’s better to invest or save money when you have £50 million.

We reveal the pros and cons of investing below.



Investing offers significantly higher returns compared to traditional savings.

Investing comes with inherent market risks that may lead to losses.

With investing, you can spread your risk across various assets for a balanced portfolio.

Investing requires thorough research and understanding.

Investing allows for active involvement and engagement in wealth creation.

It can demand active management, time and attention.

Below, we outline the pros and cons of saving.



Savings accounts provide stable and secure returns.

Savings accounts typically yield lower returns compared to investments.

It gives you instant access to funds when needed.

Your fund’s growth potential is constrained, especially when considering inflation.

By saving, you have minimal exposure to market fluctuations.

Your savings are vulnerable to inflation.

The decision ultimately hinges on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and desired level of involvement in managing your wealth.

Can you live off the interest from 50 million pounds?

Yes indeed! You can lead an extremely comfortable lifestyle with the interest on 50 million pounds, even at a rate of 1%.

The key is strategic planning and making sound investment decisions. By reinvesting a portion of the interest to compound your wealth, you can maximise returns.

Whether it's funding a luxurious lifestyle or supporting philanthropic endeavours, the interest from £50 million is a powerful tool for achieving financial freedom.

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£50 million opens doors to a world of financial opportunities.

However, it is essential that you understand how much interest on 50 million pounds can be earned, the potential tax complexities involved, and how you can make informed investment decisions.

Whether you choose to invest, save, or strike a balance between the two, aligning your financial strategy with your goals is paramount. 

Inheritance planning and tax advice are also essential when you have such a large sum of money. 

Let Unbiased match you with a financial adviser so that you can learn more and get expert financial advice for your short and long-term goals. 

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