Our suite of conversion tools

Our plans are packed with tools for nurturing your leads and converting them to sales. Receiving an enquiry is just the beginning – you can use this suite of tools to manage and progress each lead from potential client to fully-onboarded customer, improving the ROI of your lead generation activities
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Key benefits

End-to-end pipeline management

Nurture clients through every stage from first contact to conversion.

Manage all your clients in one place

Upload clients from other sources and easily manage your entire pipeline.

Set up automated welcomes

Greet each prospective client with your customised welcome message.

Keep detailed client notes

Attach key information to each client on your Kanban board.

Chat feature

Keep in touch with clients and prospects with instant messaging.

Schedule reminders

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Why use our conversion tools?

The conversion tools on your Unbiased dashboard are there to help you obtain maximum value from your plan. Whenever your plan generates an enquiry, using the tools will maximise your chances of turning it into new business. Together they help you:
Welcome new clients and prospects
Build a client pipeline
Move prospective clients along the funnel until they convert
Communicate clearly and consistently
Demonstrate your reliability and responsiveness
Meet your conversion goals
Keep track of all metrics

An introduction to our conversion tools

Read on to find out about each tool in detail and how to use it.

Pipeline Kanban

You can manage your entire client pipeline in one place. Your pipeline Kanban helps you ensure you never lose track of a potential client.

All new enquiries will automatically appear in the 'New enquiry' column, once you have accepted this will automatically more to the next column.

As you proceed with a client, simply click and drag the enquiry into the appropriate column to track their conversion.

Automated welcome

You can set an automated Welcome message that potential customers will receive when you accept their enquiry. This is an important tool for increasing conversion by introducing yourself and letting them know what to expect.

You can customise your message to give it that personal touch and to include any particular details you consider useful.

Client notes

Keep each client’s important information close at hand by adding notes to every enquiry, like this:

By updating the notes as you go along, you always know exactly what progress you’ve made with each lead and what every potential client’s key issues are. This speeds up the conversion process and lets you deliver a more seamless service too.

Scheduled reminders

You can set yourself email reminders to perform follow-up actions on each enquiry:

This is particularly vital in the early stages of an enquiry, where a potential client may need prompt feedback and reassurance that you can help them, or else they may look elsewhere. Used in conjunction with Notes, your reminders help you to present a truly efficient and impressive service to encourage new customers on board.


Chat lets you message each potential client quickly and easily, while keeping track of the whole communication trail.

If you’re logged in to your dashboard, and your potential customer is logged into to their Unbiased account, you can chat in real time. Otherwise, you’ll each get an email notification when you have a new Chat message.

Upload other clients

Your pipeline Kanban can manage all your clients, not just those you find via Unbiased. Make your work easier by uploading your other clients too, so you can manage everyone in one place, organise your priorities and make optimum use of your time and resources.

Our other tools to help professionals

There are many other features of an Unbiased plan that will help you build your business, including:
Set your own criteria for your preferred clients
Receive enquiries matched to these preferences
Set multiple UK locations in which to advertise your profile
Analyse your profile’s performance
You’ll also receive ongoing support from our team, who will be available to help you make the most of your plan’s many benefits.

Additional features to grow your business

There are many other features of an Unbiased plan that will help you build your business, including:
Set your criteria to receive the clients you want
Receive enquiries pre-filtered to match your preferences
Increase your brand exposure with a profile promoted in additional locations
Manage your entire client base with pipeline monitoring and conversion software
Advanced analytics and insights to track and improve sales performance

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