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Unbiased provides one of the UK’s most effective lead generation services for mortgage advisers and brokers. What’s more, our exclusive mortgage lead generation service forms just one small part of a comprehensive platform for attracting, nurturing and converting leads into the customers you need.

Whether you’re a nationwide firm or a solo adviser, we help you find the right clients and buy leads for your business with one simple, affordable plan. Read on to find out how.
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Key benefits

High lead volumes

The Unbiased site has more than 3m visitors per year. Grow your business with high ROI leads" to this bullet point.

Customised client enquiries

Set your criteria and we'll send you enquiries from the clients you want.

Receive new clients local to you

With a high ranking profile, potential clients can use our directory to find advisers near to them.

Preview leads before accepting or rejecting

See all relevant details of a lead before choosing to buy it.

Set minimum mortgage value levels

You can choose to receive leads only above a certain mortgage size.

Manage all your leads from one dashboard

Nurture clients from first contact to conversion with our pipeline Kanban.

Market-leading lead generation for mortgage brokers

Over 27,000 professionals use Unbiased to grow their business via our lead generation and supporting services. With more than three million consumers visiting our site every year, Unbiased is the site of choice for people seeking mortgage advice, home-buying information and mortgage planning tools.

With Unbiased, you can:
Receive enquiries directly from people who view your profile on our directory
Receive further exclusive leads matched to you based on suitability
Set your own criteria for your preferred types of clients
Specify minimum client mortgage values
Source leads from multiple locations nationwide
Preview every lead and choose to accept or reject it
Manage your active leads through to conversion and beyond from one simple dashboard
Unbiased is also a trusted brand, having built a reputation over more than 20 years helping consumers find advisers and brokers they can trust.

How our mortgage lead generation works

With an Unbiased plan, you can obtain leads in two ways:
Directly from consumers who view your profile on Unbiased
Via our automated matching service
With auto-matching, a consumer will enter a few details about the kind of mortgage advice they need, their circumstances and their location. If these fall within your preferred criteria and you are a good fit for their needs, the enquiry may appear in your inbox. To turn the enquiry into a lead, you simply accept it and purchase it (enquiries priced from £10 + VAT).

Here’s how leads appear in your profile:

On our most popular plans you can add multiple locations to your profile. This means you will:
Be found in directory searches in those locations
Receive matched enquiries from potential customers in those locations

Tools to help you convert and manage your mortgage leads

An Unbiased plan includes powerful business management tools to help with lead nurturing, so you can turn mortgage enquiries into new customers. You can:
Sort enquiries by category (e.g. New, Accepted, Rejected)
Keep track of all messaging related to each lead
Attach notes on each lead, to keep key info where you need it
Set yourself email reminders (e.g. for follow-up actions)
Search and filter on enquiries
Customise your Unbiased profile to stand out in our listings
Advertise special offers (e.g. a free financial review) to attract customers
Set up different advice options (e.g. face-to-face or remote)
Display client testimonials
You’ll also receive ongoing support from our team

How much do mortgage leads cost?

All our plans offer our end to end solution from as little as
£96 +VAT
Per month for our Growth + plan.
Our enquires are priced from
£10 +VAT
There is no obligation to purchase any lead.
We have a range of plans to suit your growth ambitions, check out our full list of plans and features to discover the best plan for your business.

The types of mortgage leads you can receive

You can receive every kind of mortgage advice enquiry via Unbiased. Here are some typical examples:

First time buyer leads

To optimise the quality of our leads, we encourage first-time buyers to contact a mortgage broker only when they are in a strong position, with a good deposit and ready to buy.

Remortgage / buying next home leads

Our wealth of free tips means our site is popular with people higher up the housing ladder too. We also provide regular reminders to existing mortgage holders on the benefits of remortgaging.

Buy to let leads

We offer extensive guidance to existing and prospective landlords, and regular content on the topic of rental property, so Unbiased is a go-to site for those seeking a buy-to-let mortgage.

Equity release leads

Unbiased is especially popular with people at or near retirement, thanks to our pensions content. We therefore handle large volumes of leads relating to equity release, lifetime mortgages and home reversion.

Self-employed mortgage leads

One of the USPs of Unbiased is our cross-selling ability. Many self-employed individuals use the site to find accounting and business advice, and are therefore a ready market for mortgage advice too.

Commercial mortgages leads

We’re a favourite with small businesses for our extensive free guidance for SMEs. Companies seeking to buy business property are therefore more likely to seek mortgage advice via Unbiased.

Right to buy mortgage leads

Our content caters for buyers at all stages of the property ladder, including those in council housing who are now ready to be home owners. Unbiased is thus a strong source of these leads too.

Mortgage protection leads

Our content caters for buyers at all stages of the property ladder, including those in council housing who are now ready to be home owners. Unbiased is thus a strong source of these leads too.

Additional features to grow your business

There are many other features of an Unbiased plan that will help you build your business, including:
Set your criteria to receive the clients you want
Receive enquiries pre-filtered to match your preferences
Increase your brand exposure with a profile promoted in additional locations
Manage your entire client base with pipeline monitoring and conversion software
Advanced analytics and insights to track and improve sales performance

Find out more

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