Your account dashboard

At the heart of your Unbiased plan is your dashboard. This is where you receive all your customer enquiries via our lead generation service, manage your client pipeline through to conversion and beyond, view key metrics, measure your return on spend and grow your advice business.
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Key benefits

Get the leads you want

Set your own criteria for the clients you most want to attract.

Advertise in our directory

Stand out in the listings with a unique profile clients will notice.

Reach clients in multiple locations

Purchase additional locations to find leads across the UK.

Preview all leads

See details of each enquiry and choose whether to purchase or reject.

Manage all your clients in one place

Upload clients from other sources and easily manage your entire pipeline.

Track performance with analytics

Check daily how your profile is doing and optimise it for your business.

The benefits of your dashboard

The dashboard of your Unbiased plan lets you:
Take care of ALL your clients (not just those found via Unbiased) in one place
Advertise in our Directory by creating your unique Unbiased profile
Receive, preview and accept/reject client enquiries
Purchase enquiries (individually or in bundles)
Manage new clients through every stage of the onboarding process
Organise each client relationship using dynamic information
Set reminders for key actions
Welcome potential clients with automated messaging
Live-chat with clients and prospects
Use analytics and insight to track and measure performance
Add multiple account users with controlled permission settings

How your dashboard works

Your dashboard is a single command centre from which you can oversee all your customer-related activity. Let’s walk through the key features.

Your home screen gives a complete overview of your account and performance. If you have more then one profile they will all be listed here.

Choose the date ranges in which to display your key statistics, which show:
Your enquiry performance
Profile search volumes
Call statistics  (If on the Growth Plan)
Pipeline performance summary
From this screen you can manage your profile(s) and run custom analytics reports. See your pipeline summary to understand which part of the sales funnel needs nurturing.

Your enquiries

Click ‘Enquiries’ in the side menu to see this screen.

Here you can see all your enquiries in one place. Use the first tab to track each enquiry through the whole client onboarding process, from first contact to conversion.

Your enquiries are sorted into columns based on how far you’ve proceeded with them. When you’ve progressed an enquiry to a higher stage (e.g. from ‘Accepted’ to ‘Contact made’), simply click and drag it into the appropriate column.
You can also:
Keep track of all messaging related to each enquiry
Store notes on each enquiry, so that key info is where you need it
Set yourself email reminders (e.g. for follow-up actions)
Sort enquiries by category (e.g. New, Accepted, Rejected)
Search and filter on enquiries

Add your non-Unbiased clients to your enquiries dashboard

A particularly useful feature of your dashboard is the ability to add in customers whom you have found via other sources (i.e. not through Unbiased). This allows you to manage them with the same convenience and flexibility, and so lets you keep tabs on your entire client list in one place.

Adding non-Unbiased clients to your dashboard enables you to conveniently and cost effectively have a top-level view of your sales funnel, allowing you to understand which stages of the funnel are working well and where to successfully invest more to improve your ROI.

Other features of your dashboard

Your Unbiased pro dashboard combines a powerful marketing platform with business management tools. Besides all of the above, you’ll be able to:
Customise your Unbiased profile to stand out in our listings
Advertise special offers (e.g. a free financial review) to attract customers
Set up different advice options (e.g. face-to-face or remote)
Display client testimonials

Additional features to grow your business

There are many other features of an Unbiased plan that will help you build your business, including:
Set your criteria to receive the clients you want
Receive enquiries pre-filtered to match your preferences
Increase your brand exposure with a profile promoted in additional locations
Manage your entire client base with pipeline monitoring and conversion software
Advanced analytics and insights to track and improve sales performance

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