At Unbiased we’re delighted to support you
in life’s biggest
decisions while connecting
you to the advice you need,
through our
core values of choice, simplicity
and confidence.

Unbiased lists over 27,000 professionals nationwide, giving you the widest choice of financial advisers, mortgage brokers and accountants in the UK. With our unique search tools you can choose the right professional for you, based on their qualifications, specialisms and other preferences. You choose how to find your professional — either by automatic matching or by browsing a list. You can choose to meet them face to face, online or on the phone. The first meeting is free, and if you then decide not to hire them, that’s your choice too. Above all, Unbiased helps you make the right choices for yourself and your family. Our site is built around the key choices that you’re likely to make throughout your life, with in-depth guidance to assist you at every step.
Using Unbiased is simplicity itself. You click a few options to describe what help you need, and we find the best available professional. We also make it easy to know what you’re looking for. So you don’t have to do a heap of research, or contact lots of firms before you find the right one. You just make one simple search, and we do the rest. Unbiased also makes big decisions easy to understand. Our expert writers provide simple guides on a huge range of topics relating to your money and lifestyle. We use clear, everyday language, and if a concept is tricky we walk you through it. Our free guidance will also help you decide if you need full advice. Finally, Unbiased makes life itself simpler by letting you manage all these key decisions in one place — either at home or on the go using our feature-packed mobile app.
At Unbiased we want you to have the confidence to make life’s biggest decisions. So we give you the information you need to explore these key steps, and when you’re ready we put you in touch with the professionals you need to make them happen. You can also be confident that any professional you find through us will be unbiased and suitably qualified, and that all financial advisers and mortgage brokers are FCA-regulated . Your personal data is secure and never shared, so you’ll only be contacted by the professional who’s been matched to you. The biggest choices don’t happen very often, which means you may confront them with little or no experience. We take away the guesswork and uncertainty. As well as providing answers, we also offer guidance on what questions to ask — so you can live your life like an expert.