National Savings & Investments (NS&I)

If you are looking for a secure way to save money, you may want to consider NS&I products.  NS&I are a government-backed agency offering savings and investments products for adults and children.  Their products are seen as the most secure form of saving or investing as the HM Treasury gives a 100 per cent guarantee on all deposits made.

Some of the savings products offered by NS&I are also tax free which provides an added incentive.  Products available through NS&I include: savings accounts, ISAs, Savings Certificates, Income Bonds, Premium Bonds, and Children's Bonds.

It is worth noting that NS&I products do not achieve the best interest rates as there is always a balance between the security of your investment (NS&I are very secure) and the interest you can earn.  If you are looking for the chance of getting higher returns on your investments then you may want to consider other ways of saving such as with a regular savings account with a commercial institution.  Alternatively if you are willing to take on more risk you may prefer to invest your money in a unit trust or offshore investment.

An IFA or financial adviser will be able to help you to assess whether NS&I products are right for you, and create a suitable savings and investment strategy for you.

Questions you might like to ask an IFA…

  • Will I earn interest on my savings?
  • Can I access the money saved with NS&I straight away?
  • How much can I invest in NS&I products?