Planning tools

Financial age tool

Whether you're part of the 'iPod Generation', a 'Mid-Life Marcher' or a 'Silver Saver', our financial age tool helps you understand the true 'age' of your finances compared to your actual age.

Debt freedom day calculator

Check out our debt freedom day calculator which will help you discover how many days you need to work just to pay off the interest on your current debt.

Cost of delay

Check how much money you may be devaluing your future pension pot by not planning for your retirement now or whether you have maximised your retirement plans so far.

Savings planner

Plot how much money you have coming in and most importantly what you have going out and establish how much you realistically might have left to put into a savings pot.

Tax waste calculator

The calculator gives you a basic idea of what you could be wasting in tax and where an IFA may be able to help you become tax efficient.

Thrifty calculator

Shows you how much you could put aside into a savings account by cutting down on everyday luxuries such as takeaway coffee and meals out.