Thrifty calculator

Welcome to the thrifty calculator. This tool shows how much you could save by diverting the cash you currently spend on everyday items into a savings account.

Simply enter the amounts you currently spend into the calculator and see how much you could accumulate in your savings account.

Section one... weekly expenditure

Enter your weekly spending
Takeaway coffee £
Takeaway meals £
The lottery plus other forms of gambling – eg horse/dog racing £
CDs and music downloading £
Going out for meals or drinks £
Having a drink at home £
Extra treats – e.g. chocolate bars £
Buying lunch at work – taking a packed lunch will typically save you pounds a day £
Cigarettes £
Any other weekly expenses - eg cinema, renting DVDs, taxis, dry cleaning £
Weekly savings
£ 0

Section two... monthly expenditure

Enter your monthly spending
Gym membership £
Digital TV subscription £
Any other monthly expenses – eg clothes, shoes, magazines £
Monthly savings
£ 0
Annual saving
£ 0
Interest rate in savings account %
How many years could you stick to reducing your expenditure by this amount?
£ ?