The Adviser Response Rating

Response Rating – what is it?

When you browse a list of advisers on Unbiased, you may notice that each has a Response Rating, marked out of 10. Why?

We’re minimising waiting times

We know that when you search on Unbiased, you don’t want to be kept waiting. So we’re encouraging advisers to respond promptly to enquiries. The Response Rating shows how well they’ve been doing this in recent weeks.

What does a high Response Rating mean?

A high Response Rating shows that this adviser has recently been efficient at picking up new enquiries received through Unbiased.

What does a lower Response Rating mean?

A lower score may indicate that this adviser has missed some enquiries recently – perhaps because they are too busy. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from contacting them, as they may have become available since then.

Does a high Response Rating mean my chosen adviser will contact me?

An enquiry sent to an adviser with a high Response Rating is more likely to be seen quickly. So even if that adviser cannot take your enquiry, he or she will then pass it back into our system. We’ll then match you with an equally suitable adviser, who will contact you – usually within 48 hours and often much sooner.

Is the Response Rating a review?

No. Each adviser’s score is calculated based solely on their recent responsiveness to enquiries received through Unbiased. It does not measure any other aspect of the adviser’s service.