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Government's boiler upgrade scheme failing to deliver: what's next?

Updated 08 March 2023

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Andy Jones
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The government's highly anticipated boiler upgrade scheme, launched in May 2022, has failed to deliver on its promises, leaving many homeowners frustrated and disappointed.

Government's Boiler Upgrade Scheme failing to deliver: What next?

The UK government's boiler upgrade scheme was meant to provide homeowners with an opportunity to upgrade their old and inefficient boilers to newer, energy-efficient models, thus reducing carbon emissions and saving money on energy bills.

However, the scheme has been facing several issues since its inception, with many homeowners left feeling disillusioned. 

Changes to the EPC?

Now, the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee is calling for changes to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to improve the efficiency of homes and buildings.

The EPC, a document that assesses a building's energy efficiency, is currently only required for homes when they are being bought or rented. The committee believes that expanding the EPC requirement to cover all buildings could help to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. 

The call for EPC changes comes as the government's boiler upgrade scheme faces criticism for failing to deliver on its promises. Many homeowners have reported difficulties in accessing the scheme due to a lack of information and guidance, a shortage of qualified installers, and insufficient funding to cover the cost of new installations. 

In addition, the scheme has been criticised for not doing enough to address the wider issue of energy efficiency in homes and buildings.  

Baroness Parminter, chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, said,

“The transition to low-carbon heat is fundamental in the path to net zero, given that 17 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes. The government must quickly address the barriers we have identified to a successful take-up of the boiler upgrade scheme to help grow the take up of low-carbon heating systems. It is vital they do so if we are going to meet our net zero ambitions.” 

The committee's recommendations have been welcomed by environmental groups, who have long been calling for greater action on energy efficiency in homes and buildings. 

The committee is now urging the government to take a more comprehensive approach to energy efficiency by expanding the EPC requirement and investing in measures to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. 

The government has yet to respond to these recommendations, but more needs to be done to improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings if the UK is to meet its net-zero targets and tackle climate change. 

Next steps for homeowners

In the meantime, homeowners are advised to explore all available options for improving the energy efficiency of their homes, including insulation, double-glazing, and renewable energy systems, in addition to considering the government's boiler upgrade scheme.  

By taking a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, we can all play our part in reducing emissions and creating a cleaner, greener future for all.

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