Real lives, real decisions

Explore how four different people used financial advice to make life's biggest decisions.

The first-time buyer

Ali is looking to buy her first home, so needs help achieving a successful mortgage application

‘I’m looking to buy a place, by myself — I want it to be lovely! — and close to where I work in East London. I need to find out how big a mortgage I might be offered, and I also want to find out more about shared ownership. I’d really recommend someone in my situation to seek advice. Now I’ve been able to understand about the process — a lot of it I may have read about on the internet, but I didn’t know what it meant, if I’m honest with you. Having Mike explain it has been really helpful.’

Mike Richards
Independent mortgage adviser
Mike Richards has been in the mortgage industry for 35 years and a broker for 26 of those. He has run Mortgage Concepts Associates since 2006, as a fully independent mortgage broker.
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Please note that these videos show only highlights of much longer advice sessions which were tailored to the needs of the clients who agreed to appear in them. You should not make any decisions for your own financial requirements based on these videos but instead seek independent financial advice for recommendations appropriate to your own circumstances.