Real lives, real decisions

Explore how four different people used financial advice to make life's biggest decisions.

The investor

Giovanna is trying to organise her pensions and investments, but is puzzled by some of the information she has been given

‘What I’m trying to do is transfer my main pension pot — mainly for simplicity, so I can manage it easily. But also I have a small defined benefit pension, and on that I have some questions. I have been given a transfer valuation — which looks very favourable to me! — but I cannot see how they have arrived at that figure, so I’m not confident about whether to transfer it or not. Despite my financial background, I think I need Matt’s help understanding this!’

Matt Smith
Independent financial adviser
Matt Smith is Managing Director of Buckingham Gate Chartered Financial Planners. His firm is proud of its ‘family first, money second’ ethos that Matt also applies to his clients.
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Please note that these videos show only highlights of much longer advice sessions which were tailored to the needs of the clients who agreed to appear in them. You should not make any decisions for your own financial requirements based on these videos but instead seek independent financial advice for recommendations appropriate to your own circumstances.