Real lives, real decisions

Explore how four different people used financial advice to make life's biggest decisions.

The young professional

Kemley wants help balancing his short-term financial needs with longer-term future planning such as his pension

‘I recently had to make some big financial decisions, and it’s made me think more about what my future will look like when I’m older. There are also many more things I’d like to do — travelling, start my own business maybe — but I need to know if I can do all that and still retire at 60! I’ve begun to realise that the income I’ll currently receive when I retire won’t be anywhere near the level I’d need for my lifestyle. So I hope Dennis can help me change that.’

Dennis Hall
Independent financial adviser
Dennis Hall is an award-winning Chartered financial planner with nearly 30 years’ experience, and is the CEO of Yellowtail Financial Planning.
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Please note that these videos show only highlights of much longer advice sessions which were tailored to the needs of the clients who agreed to appear in them. You should not make any decisions for your own financial requirements based on these videos but instead seek independent financial advice for recommendations appropriate to your own circumstances.