Real lives, real decisions

Explore how four different people used financial advice to make life's biggest decisions.

The later-life planner

Rose hopes to ensure a comfortable post-retirement future, and so needs a clearer idea as to the size of her pension

‘I’m looking to think about the next few years, and how I might «taper» my life towards retirement — rather than just sort of stop! Working for myself, I’m hoping there’s that opportunity to do a bit less while still keeping myself busy. I know there’s more flexibility around retirement now, and I realise that it’s time I started thinking about my choices. But I don’t know if it’s better to plan ahead first, or start by sorting out my finances — so I hope Susan can give me some guidance.’

Susan Hill
Independent financial adviser
Susan Hill is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 30 years’ experience. She particularly specialises in advising and empowering female clients to take key decisions.
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Please note that these videos show only highlights of much longer advice sessions which were tailored to the needs of the clients who agreed to appear in them. You should not make any decisions for your own financial requirements based on these videos but instead seek independent financial advice for recommendations appropriate to your own circumstances.